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Jun. 26th, 2009 | 04:03 am

19:26 maybe i'm the only one who doesn't mourn the loss of michael jackson? I enjoyed his music though. Sad for farrah fawcett. she fought bravely #

20:23 I view MJ's death like anna nicole smith. Both fodder for the press and we laughed at them. Now that they died the press wants you to mourn. #

20:33 Jeff Goldblum did NOT fall to his death folks, he's The Fly for christ's sakes. #

20:51 I'm more devastated that the internet is dead. nothing is loading for me. anyone else having the same problem? #

23:36 8 year olds dude.... 8 year olds. sorry couldn't help it. I'm already going to hell anyway guys. #

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