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Jun. 24th, 2009 | 04:03 am

17:58 so today a crazy guest complained to one of my managers. She said prarie dog exhibit was too low and that their poo carries toxins #

17:59 and that if a gust of wind blew back on the children there would be a pandemic. #

18:00 and the jaguar exhibit is too small and that they're going schizophrenic. She can tell by their eyes the way they look at the guests. #

18:00 and that we need to run copper wire around the walls and the ground because algae will take over. #

18:01 and she swore she could talk to the peacocks and understand what they were saying #

22:47 Alex did a great parody of the Perez Hilton video You have to watch it and vote on Funny or Die bit.ly/275TPw ReTweet this!! #

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